Rules for GDKP must read before signing up.

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Rules for GDKP must read before signing up.

Postby Angslan on Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:47 pm

Pretty much just going to add something for if people get saved to a couple heroic bosses but would still like to come to the run. If you are saved to any boss but would still like to come you pay the 20k for the buy in plus 10k per boss you are saved too. This only applies to ppl who are actually only saved to some bosses and are bidding on gear from other bosses they arent saved to.


This is a GDKP run. All items of value (Epics, BOE's, Enchant mats, Orbs) that drop will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The combined Gold Pot from all Auction Sales will be split evenly 25-ways to everyone at the end of the raid.

Raid members will only receive their share of the gold pot if they are present in the raid when the final boss dies, no exceptions. You forfeit your share of the Pot if you have to leave early or need to be replaced. You may be replaced if:

- You AFK for more than 15 minutes without informing the Raid Leader
- You DC for more than 15 minutes
- You will also be kicked if you do not bid on anything, that is an ilvl increase.

All Auctions and Bids will be in public raid chat. Items have minimum bids, but no maximum bid. No private tells for bids are accepted. No loot is reserved.

Signing up for this run will mean that you have read this post.

If you have any questions you can mail me in game or find me online or PM on the forums,
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