~Sales~ Emerald Nightmare/Trial of Valor - Mythic+

Post here to request purchase of achievements, gear, or mounts

~Sales~ Emerald Nightmare/Trial of Valor - Mythic+

Postby Euphonious on Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:38 pm

Updated 12/22/2016

If you wish to purchase a spot in our raids for gear, achievements, mounts or titles, this is the post for you. When we have established a set price for a particular service, we will edit this post with the new information. If you would like to schedule a run, ask a question about your run, or if you want to inquire about something else that we haven't announced a price for, please send a PM to Bromicide, Xalance, or Euphonious. All correspondence about sales will go through these PMs.


Emerald Nightmare

Heroic Emerald Nightmare (Personal loot) - 120,000 Gold

Mythic Emerald Nightmare (Master loot*, one spec) - 1,500,000 Gold

Mythic Xavius kill - 1,000,000 Gold

***One spec, non-warforged/socketed

Trial of Valor
Heroic Trial of Valor (Personal loot) - 150,000 Gold

Smoldering Ember Wyrm (Nightbane mount) - 300,000

Mythic +15 - 1,000,000

1. Information Required
    Please include the name, class and primary spec of your character in your PM, and be aware our raid times are 10pm to 2am EST, Sunday through Thursday, which is when these sales will take place. We do our sales on Tuesday or Wednesday night starting at 10pm EST, but we will inform you of the time of your specific run when we set it up. If you can't make those times, please let us know in the PM so we can make special arrangements for you.
2. Deposits
    We require a 30% (Non-refundable) deposit before your run, with the remaining balance due the day of your scheduled raid. If you have not paid in full and/or have not made previous alternate arrangements by that time, your deposit will be forfeited. If an emergency situation arises, contact us and let us know, and we will do our best to work with you to reschedule.

We will often use the PM function on these forums to communicate with you, so check our site or the email linked to your forum account regularly.

Our sales are streamed @ Twitch.tv/team/midwinter
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