Recruitment Needs

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Recruitment Needs

Postby Dpsonroids on Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:05 am

If you believe you are an exceptional player who can compete with our current membership, feel free to submit an application regardless of class. As far as our recruitment needs go, "High" means there is an immediate need for a particular class or spec and "Low" means that we are comfortable with our current roster in that class or spec, though it does not mean there are no potential opportunities for applicants who set themselves apart. All needs listed here supercede those highlighted on the front page. We are extremely flexible for great players, if you see your class listed as "Closed" and consider yourself flexible to main swapping, do not hesitate to apply. On the rare occasion, we have also accepted applicants for "Closed" positions who are not open to main swapping if their app is exceptional enough.


Death Knight: Frost, Unholy - High / Blood - High

Druid: Balance - High / Feral - High / Guardian - High / Resto - High

Hunter: High

Mage: High

Monk: Windwalker - High / Brewmaster - High / Mistweaver - High

Paladin: Holy - High / Ret - High / Prot - High

Priest: Holy, Disc - High / Shadow - High

Rogue: Assassination, Combat, Subtlety - High

Shaman: Resto - High / Elemental - High / Enhancement - High

Warlock: Affliction, Destruction, Demonology - High

Warrior: Fury, Arms - High / Prot - High

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