6/6 Heroic MV cleared!

By Gondlem on Oct. 17, 2012, 3:25 a.m.

After one of the most successful weeks of raiding in Midwinter history, we downed Heroic Will of the Emperor at 3 AM on Tuesday morning for a full 6/6 clear in the first week of Mogu'shan Vaults heroic raiding. We've been a bit slow with news posts, but there has been plenty of action over the last seven days. We started the week with a quick LFR and two Heroic boss kills on Tuesday night. Nothing too challenging on those bosses, but Gara'jal was a big step up. With plenty of RNG and a fairly tight DPS check in release week gear, this guy gave us a series of heartbreaking low-percentage wipes on Wednesday night before we killed him early on Thursday after a slight strat adjustment.

From there we moved on to Spirit Kings, which was easily the hardest fight in the zone. We wiped for three nights on this boss, putting in over 100 pulls before it finally came together and we managed to have nobody hit a shield for 10 minutes. A really cool fight actually, and one of the more challenging execution fights Blizzard has made, though it's frustrating that certain boss orders are much easier than others. I don't know if the same order every time would be a good solution since that would make it more repetitive, but maybe they could have made Pillage a comparable challenge to the MC and shadow adds so you weren't just praying for Subetai second every time.

We killed Spirit Kings early on Sunday and followed it up with a quick and easy Elegon kill. Not much to say about this one except that it failed a bit as the big DPS check of the zone, and took us less pulls than any other boss besides Stone Guard. The DPS check ends up just being about sparks since the boss damage and AoE healing requirements are trivialised by having 15+ stacks heading into the final phase. Some specs are just better at killing sparks than others, meaning if they did make the berserk timer more unforgiving you'd just have to raid stack to overcome it, so it's not an especially well designed fight compared to the others.

We made a last minute decision to switch to a four mage strat on Will so we could ignore Rages and spent half the night working out kinks in our CC rotation, but once we sorted that out and learned to dance it wasn't too difficult. Aside from the kill, the most enduring memory of the night has to be when four people DCed at the same time at 14% on the second last pull of the night, resulting in a ridiculous wipe. Luckily we backed that up with similar execution next time and landed the kill. On that note, big thanks to fellow Sargeras guild Realm Last, who lent us a mage for the evening.

In the end we secured a US 4th, world 14th rank heading into the two week break before Heart of Fear is released. This is our best ever rank, beating our US 5th on Spine, and the first time we've ever completed all available heroic content the week of release. We put in some extra time to get there, raiding 6-8 hours each night, but it was great fun and we're aiming to do even better on the 10 bosses to come. See you in Heart of Fear!

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