Heart of Fear complete

By Gondlem on Nov. 21, 2012, 4 p.m.

It took two resets this time, but another instance of six bosses is complete. Overall, HoF felt a bit easier relative to our current gear than MV in the first week, but the bizarre Vizier progression experience extended the lifespan of the zone a bit. The first version of Vizier was bordering on impossible, the second was on the Ragnaros tier of difficulty and the third was moderately difficult at most, but for all three we were forced to reset 50% of our pulls to make sure the boss went to the correct platform at the start, wasting countless consumables in the process. A bit unfortunate really, since without that frustrating issue it would have been a great boss.

The next four fights were all a bit easier than they should have been, and Grand Empress Shek'zeer could have used a slightly tighter enrage timer and a more challenging final phase too, though it certainly wasn't a pushover. Hopefully Sha of Fear lives up to our expectations.

Kill videos for all the HoF bosses should be coming soon. Keep an eye on our youtube channel.

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