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So you’ve decided to give online casino gaming a shot. In the past, you’ve heard the rumors that casino gaming is basically the same as playing video slots, table games, and card games. 

Is Gambling and Gaming the Same?

So, is it? In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between casino gambling and other forms of gaming, such as card games, board games, video games, and video slots.

The Difference between Gambling and Gaming

  • The Chance of Winning – When you play video slots, blackjack, or poker, you have a calculated chance of winning.

The same is true in card games and board games. However, when you play casino games, the chance of winning is “unpredictable.”

The outcomes are not down to skill or strategy.

  • The Level of Skill Required – When you play board games, card games, or video games, you must put in some effort to learn the rules and strategy. In contrast, online casino games and land-based casino games generally require no skill.
Gambling And Gaming