RNG and Live Dealer Casino Games: What’s the Difference

Live dealer games and RNG (Random Number Generator) games are the two most popular types of games offered by online casinos. Even though they’re very different, both provide thrilling gaming. In order to assist you in selecting the ideal partner, let’s investigate what distinguishes them.

The Hidden Influence of RNG

One cannot have an online casino without RNG games. All spins and hands are fair in these games because sophisticated algorithms provide random outcomes. Be prepared for the following:

Play at Your Own Pace

Random Number Generator games let you spin the wheel and place bets at your leisure.

Excessive Variety

There is a wide variety of games available from RNG, including traditional slot machines, video poker, and table games.

Independent Gaming

Playing against the computer software will make it feel more solitary.

The Excitement of Direct Human Connection

With live dealer games, players may enjoy all the thrills of a traditional casino without leaving the comfort of their own home. Witness the thrill of a live dealer:

Live Dealers, Always Available

In this virtual casino, you may engage in real-life interactions with trained dealers through live video streaming.

Intimate Relationships

Participate in the game to a greater extent by chatting with other players and the dealer.

Restrictive Game Variety

Live dealer alternatives are growing, but the classics like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette are still the norm.


You may enjoy all of your favorite casino games online with either random number generation (RNG) or live dealers. Matchmaking should take your speed, diversity, and social interaction preferences into account. Get ready to have a good time by entering the virtual casino and checking out all the games available.

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