Some Betting Guide and Tips for Newbie eSports Gamblers

Generally among sports betting platforms, esports is a secondary category with which sportsbook operators offer, accept and coordinate wagers on gaming tourneys. Although esports betting is not a major betting product, MOBA tournaments are one of the popular betting products favored by millennials who have come of age as adult gamblers. Still, while those who have just turned 18 have found the confidence to join the betting fray, there are aspects about sports betting that they must thoroughly understand to make their betting experience wholesome and worthwhile.

The gaming industry has a growing list of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video games to which an equally growing number of gaming fans stake wagers during tournaments. After all, becoming financially invested adds thrill and excitement to every gaming event they watch live in esports arenas. In fact, to make the betting experience relevant with the ways sports betting has evolved, bookmakers now include esports betting in their roster of live game betting markets.

The addition of live betting in esports is inspired by the fact that ongoing battles can be filled with unexpected bloopers resulting in comebacks. These occurrences happen, reasons why players and fans alike never lose hope and easily give up. Unlike regular sports, where players are paid professionally to play and make their respective team champions in reputable competitions, esports players gain financially by having a share of the substantial prize money at stake in a tournament. The motivation to play and work as a team is high because teamwork is a critical factor

Currently, the list of MOBA games that accept live betting in most sports betting platforms is quite extensive, as they include not only League of Legends, Counter Strike:GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Valorant, Overwatch,King of Glory, Valorant, Rainbox Six, including classics like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, StarCraft Bloodwar, Starcraft II, Heroes of the Storm, World of Tanks, Rocket League and sports classics like FIFA. This denotes that there’s always a list of upcoming esports events for fans to anticipate as their next betting options.

Some Advice for Newbie Esports Punters

Many newbie esports punters in the US were surprised to learn that in addition to the major well-publicized betting platforms, there are other sportsbooks that offer esports betting products on which to stake wagers. Bet Winner for one, a Curacao-licensed mobile gambling operator, offers above-average betting odds for esports fans of teams not favored to win in an ongoing competition.

Since higher betting odds implies higher prizes if an underdog team wins, you can put your faith in your team in case it’s the team that is least expected to win. At Bet Winner, punters can place as low as $1 as minimum bet and receive sign-in bonuses for depositing even just $10.

Yet regardless of wherever or whenever money is staked as wager on an outcome of a sports match, have awareness that there’s always a chance of losing money, as it’s part of the excitement of betting. That is why Bet Winner makes it possible for bettors to wager amounts that they are comfortable with so they won’t feel devastated in case the outcomes of a game goes south.

Gamblers who would be interested in using the Bet Winner app for their esports betting entertainment can simply visit the Bet Winner webpage where they can place their bets or access the page. The Android Package Kit or APK will enable them to install the Bet Winner Mobile App in their Android or iOS smartphone.

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