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The Secret Of Roulette

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F5fIlNFBrc This video shows the secret of roulette. Shows the Roulette Guess to help you make an educated guess for your pockets to bet on. https://www.mwguild.net


How Gaming became Gambling

Gaming these days, between loot crates and microtransactions, fake currencies and random reward schedules, videogames are looking more and more like virtual casinos. https://www.mwguild.net


The Night Before Uldir

Gaming in online gambling apps is a popular way to play casino games on your phone or tablet. But not all gaming is created equal. The way you play a game, the graphics, the sounds, and the underlying algorithms all […]

Tier Over And Headed To Blizzcon 2018


Video Games and Gambling

Casinos and online gambling sites – the potential to use video games as a new source of revenue. https://www.mwguild.net


More Women are Getting into Gaming and Gambling

Female Gamers


Women are significantly underrepresented in terms of characters in video games. This is the conclusion of a study published this Monday by the World Economic Forum together with Accenture. While women are still disadvantaged by developers, they have long been on the rise in gaming as well as in gambling on sites.

As the study entitled “Reflecting Society: The State of Diverse Representation in Media and Entertainment” shows, the number of female gamers has increased in recent years. While the proportion of women in gaming in the USA was still 38% in 2006, it has grown to 45% by 2021.

Nevertheless, there is

… according to the women, a gender gap due to the influence of traditional gender expectations, a male-centered community, violence and aggression as focal points of video games and lower identification with male avatars.

Although there are now significantly more female characters in video games, they are underrepresented compared to male avatars. For example, only 18% of the games launched in 2020 would have included female characters. This has a decisive influence on the players because almost half of the gamers do not choose games that they do not think are made for them.

Different approaches to games of chance and skill

While the market has still not adapted to the needs of female players, women’s interest in gaming, as well as gambling, is increasing. Accordingly, the men’s magazine “The New Man” yesterday asked itself whether women were the more skillful gamers.

According to editor Darko Djurin, the gambling behavior of men and women is simply different. An example of this is the poker player and psychologist Maria Konnikova.

Maria Konnikova is not only a professional poker player but also a psychologist and bestselling author. She was born in Moscow and grew up in the USA. In 2013, she published her first book, Mastermind, which quickly became a New York Times bestseller.


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As Konnikova explained to Forbes magazine, men in particular often believe that their dexterity allows them to control all situations. This leads to false trust. In poker and other games where skill matters, this allows women to exploit men’s bias to their advantage.

There are also differences with regard to problematic gambling behavior. For example, a willingness to take risks is more pronounced among male gamblers than among women. As studies by psychologist Scott Scoltenberg show, men are accordingly also more at risk of gambling addiction.

However, addiction counselors are increasingly warning that more and more women are also affected by gambling addiction and video game addiction. The reason for this could be, on the one hand, the increasing proportion of women who participate in gambling or gaming. However, as gambling addiction experts point out, the fact that many women play online slots also plays a role in relation to the rise in gambling addiction among women.

Online Casinos & Economy: Potential Of Gambling

As part of the gambling industry, online casinos have great economic potential. They are often referred to as the engine for the industry from an economic point of view. In addition, they act as a driving force for other areas, such as the development of new technologies for entertainment. The gaming industry has thus developed into an important pillar of the economy over the decades. This is no wonder, however, because the framework conditions have adapted to the possibilities.

Today’s offers of casino games with modern innovative technologies and especially new online casinos attract a wide audience and strengthen the market share of the industry. In addition, online casinos worldwide like malaysia online casino (马来西亚 online casino) generate millions in tax revenue for the state. This revenue is significant for the economy.

Increasing range of games makes growth stable

Modern gambling thrives on the diverse and immensely wide range of games on offer. Nowadays, a player can not only fall back on the classic casino games such as roulette and poker, but also on slot machines and above all on mobile games.

Slot machine games are playing an increasingly important role in online casinos. There are now providers where 90 percent of the portfolio consists of the colorful, glittering slot machines. The reason for this rapid development is more and more innovative game ideas and features, HD quality and unique animations. The popularity of the colorful slots is unbroken among players who are always on the lookout for new top games, new game plays on slots and new online casinos. The increasing number of new registrations on the gambling platforms will therefore continue to stimulate economic growth in the future.

malaysia online casino

Mobile gaming reaches new target groups

Every online casino provides its players with either a casino app or an optimized website for their gaming fun. Casino games work just as well on modern smartphones and tablets as they do on desktop.

The casino providers have ensured that their games and all functions such as managing the game account or making deposits or withdrawals can be used on the go. All slots can be called up on smartphones, but table and card games such as blackjack, roulette and poker can also be played. Even the live casino can be entered with the mobile phone and communicated with the live dealer.

The benefit of mobile gaming for players is the ability to play 24/7 and from anywhere. You can reach even more players in every age group. Here, too, there is further economic potential for growing sales for the entire industry.

Some Betting Guide and Tips for Newbie eSports Gamblers

Generally among sports betting platforms, esports is a secondary category with which sportsbook operators offer, accept and coordinate wagers on gaming tourneys. Although esports betting is not a major betting product, MOBA tournaments are one of the popular betting products favored by millennials who have come of age as adult gamblers. Still, while those who have just turned 18 have found the confidence to join the betting fray, there are aspects about sports betting that they must thoroughly understand to make their betting experience wholesome and worthwhile.

The gaming industry has a growing list of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video games to which an equally growing number of gaming fans stake wagers during tournaments. After all, becoming financially invested adds thrill and excitement to every gaming event they watch live in esports arenas. In fact, to make the betting experience relevant with the ways sports betting has evolved, bookmakers now include esports betting in their roster of live game betting markets.

The addition of live betting in esports is inspired by the fact that ongoing battles can be filled with unexpected bloopers resulting in comebacks. These occurrences happen, reasons why players and fans alike never lose hope and easily give up. Unlike regular sports, where players are paid professionally to play and make their respective team champions in reputable competitions, esports players gain financially by having a share of the substantial prize money at stake in a tournament. The motivation to play and work as a team is high because teamwork is a critical factor

Currently, the list of MOBA games that accept live betting in most sports betting platforms is quite extensive, as they include not only League of Legends, Counter Strike:GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Valorant, Overwatch,King of Glory, Valorant, Rainbox Six, including classics like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, StarCraft Bloodwar, Starcraft II, Heroes of the Storm, World of Tanks, Rocket League and sports classics like FIFA. This denotes that there’s always a list of upcoming esports events for fans to anticipate as their next betting options.

Some Advice for Newbie Esports Punters

Many newbie esports punters in the US were surprised to learn that in addition to the major well-publicized betting platforms, there are other sportsbooks that offer esports betting products on which to stake wagers. Bet Winner for one, a Curacao-licensed mobile gambling operator, offers above-average betting odds for esports fans of teams not favored to win in an ongoing competition.

Since higher betting odds implies higher prizes if an underdog team wins, you can put your faith in your team in case it’s the team that is least expected to win. At Bet Winner, punters can place as low as $1 as minimum bet and receive sign-in bonuses for depositing even just $10.

Yet regardless of wherever or whenever money is staked as wager on an outcome of a sports match, have awareness that there’s always a chance of losing money, as it’s part of the excitement of betting. That is why Bet Winner makes it possible for bettors to wager amounts that they are comfortable with so they won’t feel devastated in case the outcomes of a game goes south.

Gamblers who would be interested in using the Bet Winner app for their esports betting entertainment can simply visit the Bet Winner webpage where they can place their bets or access the page. The Android Package Kit or APK will enable them to install the Bet Winner Mobile App in their Android or iOS smartphone.

Sports Live Betting Tips

In many sports, it takes less than 24 hours from the betting line’s release to the game’s start. Football usually offers a larger window for placing bets, as queues are announced early in the week. However, many bettors are reluctant to place bets until just before kick-off as they can get information such as injury news and weather.


What if you didn’t have enough time to place your bets before the event? No need to worry as many sportsbooks offer live betting on most occasions. 


What is a live bet?

Live bets can be placed after the event has already started. Sportsbooks constantly adjust their odds based on the outcome of the game.


However, live betting isn’t just for those who bet too late before a match or a game. Many bettors prefer to watch the game unfold, so they strategically choose to wait before placing a bet. The timing of live bets is crucial. Some sportsbooks update his odds live every time he makes a basket, misses his shot, pitches, or first down. If you think live betting is enjoyable, we encourage you to follow 먹튀검증사이트. 


Many options available before the game starts are available during live betting. Money Line, Spread, and Total are popular pre-game and live-betting bets. Many bettors have different strategies when breaking into live team lines. For example, if he scored his team’s first touchdown in football when 7 points backed him, his balloon might show a double-digit live line. Some bettors use the underdog plus two digits at this point, assuming the game will likely end closer to the original line.


In addition to spreads and totals, interesting live team props may be available. For example, some sportsbooks offer bets such as the margin of victory. There are also options, such as live team totals over/under the number of points scored by the team.

How to place your bet on a live team?

It’s always easy to place live team bets remotely from your mobile device or computer, as your bets are always at your fingertips. You have to wait in a long line to get to the cash register. At this point, the odds you want to bet on may be long gone.


In your sports betting app, look for the live betting icon. You can go to any league or sport you want to bet on. Note that when placing live bets in the app, these bets may not be available immediately. Sportsbooks protect themselves and offer the ability to hold bets for 10 seconds before they are processed, updating the odds accordingly. If you attempt to place a live bet and the odds are changed before your bet has been processed, your bet will be marked ‘expired,’ and you will need to re-bet with the updated odds.


It’s easy to find value on live wires, but it’s just as quickly lost. Also, note that sports betting providers no longer offer live lines. All sports betting providers are different. Some change their live odds until minutes are left in the match, while others stop offering live odds after halftime.

The Secret Of Roulette


This video shows the secret of roulette. Shows the Roulette Guess to help you make an educated guess for your pockets to bet on.


Video Games and Gambling

Casinos and online gambling sites – the potential to use video games as a new source of revenue.


How Gaming became Gambling

Gaming these days, between loot crates and microtransactions, fake currencies and random reward schedules, videogames are looking more and more like virtual casinos.


Gambling And Gaming